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BBay: Posette Clothing, Supermodel Vickie, Supermodel Vickie Clothing, SMV Exotica

DAZ: Ingenue & Glamorous Vickies, Vickie Clothing, Hair,  Shoes & Boots, Hi-Fashion Vickie, Pin-up Stephanie, Other Stuff!

Poser Pros: Sloop John B, Makeup Case, Sim's Figures, Supermodel Vickie, Other Stuff

Renderosity: Supermodel Vickie

Digital Dreams:  Updates for various items, Free Stuff, Coming Attractions, Art Gallery, Jim's Web Page

Who's Who in Poser Land:
Supermodel Vickie is my original figure, based on Victoria I, remade to a more pleasing shape.

Hi-Fashion Vickie is a Victoria I character, made by original morphs to more-or-less give her SMV's shape, and let her wear SMV's clothing, perfectly.

Pin-up Stephanie is a Stephanie I character, she has her own unique clothing.

Ingenue Vickie is DAZ's Vickie III remade into a very petite, shapely, leggy figure.

Glamorous Vickie is Vickie III remade into a glamorous gal, natch. like Ingenue Vickie, she is a full-fledged figure, with her own mesh, not made by morphing, and thus bends and fits into her clothing better than any highly-morphed or scaled figure.

Supermodel Dina was sort of a dead-end, but if you happen to like Dina's mesh...

Supermodel Lori is a entirely original, low-poly count figure, who just happens to wear Supermodel Vickie's clothing.

Posette 2003 is the P4 Nude Woman remade. She and Supermodel Lori are free, incidently.

Please note, with the exception of Supermodel Vickie, Lori and Hi-Fashion Vickie, they all have different shapes and can't really wear each other's clothing very well.